About our shops

Les boutiques Eaudace have been established since 1976 in Repentigny. At the time, the shop was known as Plumbing Payette and Perreault. Things have changed since we moved to Lavoisier Street. Thanks to its dynamic approach and its constant renewal, the showroom has kept its place in the market of renovation which is in constant evolution. The success of the formula allowed us to conquer the south shore of Montreal in 2012 with a second showroom that keeps growing. Originally, the store was located in Boucherville but had to relocate to Longueuil because the company had an unexpected success.

Decoration Shop 25 was established in 1985 in St-Eustache. At the time, the shop was known as Plumbing Raymond Belisle and Son.

With the constant evolution of the business model, many people have joined the team to meet the growing demand over the years. With a showroom of more than 10,000 square feet and its strong experience built on decades of plumbing sales, Decoration 25 has a well-established reputation on the north shore of Montreal.